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Who are we Tenaganita was founded in 1991, born out of the struggles of women workers in the plantations and industrial sectors to gain their rights as workers; for decent wages, decent living conditions and to stop discrimination and gender based-violence. In responding to the grievous human rights violations affecting various sectors of the population, Tenaganita’s scope has grown to address issues of exploitation, discrimination, unequal treatment and violence not just against women, but also against refugees, documented and undocumented migrant workers, trafficked persons, domestic...

Migrant Ministry Klang (MMK) Malaysia

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Who are we MMK (Migrant Ministry Klang) Malaysia started off in 2002 with the focus to bring the gospel to migrant workers that lived in the Klang area. However, along the years, it has also begun reaching out to refugees and those who are in need. Our purpose MMK’s main purpose is to reach out to the people that God has placed at our doorsteps. We do this through various means and methods – conducting regular weekly services in each ethnic group, conducting evangelistic meetings, providing medical services, running refugee schools, holding group camps, and most recently, setting up a...

MEMSA NGO / Non-profit Health Care Giver

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I am working at MEMSA NGO health care giver within Malaysia but I am one of refugees in here .

Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI)

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Who are we MSRI is a non-profit organisation that runs the The Sahabat Support Centre (SSC) which provides services to refugees from minority communities who are living in Malaysia waiting to be resettled in a third country. Our programmes SSC programmes include: Family Healthcare, Mentoring Programme, Education (Daycare, Kindergarten, Homeschooling), vocational training for teenager and adults, emergency support (adopt a family project) among others.

Fugee School

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Who are we Fugee School is on a mission to enable refugee children to realise their potential – by equipping them with academic, vocational and life-skills, in an environment free from discrimination and exclusion. We live to develop our students critical and creative thinking. tailor our curriculum to address the specific needs refugee children face due to trauma and disruption as a result of displacement. encourage our students to discover their strengths and develop them. We believe that every child deserves the right to have dreams and ambition, and the chances to achieve...

United Learning Centre

United Learning Centre

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Who are we United Learning Centre (ULC) is a volunteer driven centre providing children of Burmese refugees with an education. These children do not have access to schools in Malaysia due to their parents’ refugee status. The centre provides education for the children to help prepare them for resettlement in a third country, without this education, especially learning the English language, most of these children end up begging on the streets or be victims of human traffickers.  School equipment such as computers, books and meals, as well as activities to complete the education...

Hilla Community Centre

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History A small group of Korean expatriates and Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur (Ampang, Selangor) recognised the predicament faced by the refugees and started an initiative to help them. The main effort is to provide basic education for children and was started in premises provided by a Korean language studio in Ampang. Initially an informal class had been started to teach simple English to Afghan children. A small group of 7 children started class in October 2007. Teachers served on a voluntary basis. Some Korean expatriates, Malaysian individuals, Uzbekistan nationals and a German...

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