Rumah shalom

Rumah Shalom

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Who are we We are a foster home for underprivileged children who come from families with difficult backgrounds. It is founded in 1997 by several concerned individuals with the aim to provide shelter, care and education for the underprivileged children so that they can grow up to be responsible citizens. It is Rumah Shalom’s vision to help the children achieve a basic education and develop moral values in them. In addition, the home also provides a homely and comfortable environment for the children to grow and live. Our objectives To provide a loving, caring and homely environment for...

Vision Home

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The founder and Chairman of Vision Home is Pastor Daniel Vello. It was opened in Ipoh, Malaysia 13 years ago. In July 2011 they moved to the new premises. Two staff are managing the Vision Home daily. New requirements for Vision Home a. Need Food contributions b. Cash donations to help with utilities, petrol c. Need a 14 seater Van RM67,000 (after tax deduction) d. Extension of Awning and Preparation of Study area Residents : 30 Children New Project: We have in possession a piece of land to put up an multi-purpose hall for children’s activities. We need financial help as we do not have...

Persatuan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Melaka (Joy Workshop)

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The PKIIM (Joy Workshop Melaka) founded in 1999 for PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) to improve their quality of life via integration in society through employment opportunities and enhanced community living skill.  The workshop is an avenue for work training and pre-vocational experience leading to sheltered workshop, home-based industry or open employment opportunities. This will indirectly reduce their dependency on family and caregivers, thus paving a way for a brighter future and a more meaningful life. This is a stepping stone for them who otherwise would be confined to their homes as...

Malaysian Care

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How we started The Malaysian Care story is simple yet big in dreams. Sometime in the late 1970s, a group of young Christians were inspired to put their faith into action.  A Board was soon elected in 1978, comprising 11 visionaries like Wong Kim Kong, Lim Heng Seng, Lim Wei Meng, Shirley Lee, Jack Cheah, Liew Chee Kien, Steven Chong and Doreen Chan, with David Boler, Rev. Douglas Anderson and Timothy Phua as advisors. Malaysian Care became official in 1979 as a registered establishment and started its first home “Rumah Care” which provided shelter for children whose parents were patients...

Child Information Learning Centre (CHILD)

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Who are we For the last 24 years, since 1984, CHILD has lent itself to the cause of Tamil schools to help them regain their rightful place, identity and self-respect in the National education system. CHILD’s engagement has helped to transform the study culture of Tamil school children and forge an amiable working partnership between parents, teachers and the community in many Tamil Schools. Meanwhile, the long-term association of 25 years with Tamil Schools has afforded CHILD the opportunity to study the Tamil school problems comprehensively and test several different remedial modalities...

House of Joy

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Who are we HOUSE OF JOY is a social concern and a non-profit charitable home that administers shelter, care and training to orphans, children and teens who are underprivileged, abused, abandoned and neglected, poor, and delinquent. Besides children’s home, we also give shelter and care to some underprivileged and destitute old folk. House of Joy has been established since 1st August 1992 by Rev Tang Chee Sing and his wife Lee Ching Mun. The aim of House of Joy is to reach out to these needy people, to develop a real sense of worth and a change for the betterment amongst children, teenagers...

Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Kurang Upaya KIRTARSH

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Who are we Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Kurang Upaya KIRTARSH was established in July 2005. It is a non-political,non-racial,non-religious and non-profitable organisation specially established to look into the needs of ‘special children’, mentally disabled and the homeless in their immediate shelter, food, education, therapy, medication and general well-being. There are currently over 50 children, adults and senior citizens in their care. Our services Some of these occupants have Down Syndrome,  are Autistic or slow learners as well as are intellectually disabled.  Some of them...

Good Samaritan Inn

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BACKGROUND/HISTORY Description of Charity: Good Samaritan Inn (GSI) provides a loving environment for abused women, unwed mothers, and young girls with problems, but nowhere to turn to for help. Many women and girls have been deeply scarred by incest, rape, physical and sexual abuse, and other tragic experiences. GSI offers them an environment of unconditional love, such that they can begin the healing process, deal with root causes and be rid of guilt, towards the hope for a better livelihood. GSI is affiliated and associated with Good Samaritan Home, which is also listed here in HATI...

SPCA Selangor

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Who are we The aim of the SPCA is to protect defenceless animals and to alleviate their suffering. SPCA provides temporary shelter to unwanted animals in Selangor and the Federal Territory. These include mainly cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, usually pets that are no longer desired by their owners. From here, we try to re-home as many as possible but with more than 1,100 animals arriving every month (reaching some 13,000 annually), the shelter is constantly challenged by a shortage of space and limited funds. Our services 1. Adoption programme – Members of the public are...

Compassion Home now known as Rumah K.I.D.S.

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Who are we Compassion Home, started by Jasmine and Ronald Ooi, is now managed by Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S. which is registered with the Registrar of Societies ( Reg.No. 6038/96). The Home was set up to care for children who are orphans, abused, neglected and underprivileged. The majority of the residents over the years have been reconciled with their loved ones / next of kin. Currently, it is a home to children ranging from three to 14 years of age. The boys and girls live in two different houses. Compassion Home is part of a larger family of Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S and Grace Community...

Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association, Johor Bahru (HANDICAPJB)

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Who are we Founded in May 1990 with only seven children, Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children association Johor Bahru is now custodians of around 220 special needs children; some of our “children” are over 18 years old, but are still quite undeveloped in their mental abilities and physical skills. From our humble beginnings and unwavering mission, we have become Malaysia’s largest benevolent Home. The occupants of the Home include children who have been very cruelly abandoned by their families. Many of the children do not know their biological parents… they consider...


Agathians Shelter

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Introduction: Agathians Shelter is a legally registered welfare home under the name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Agathians Malaysia (0061-04-7) in ROS, MAKPEM, JKM and LHDN. We are a welfare home located at Petaling Jaya nurturing 35 boys who are either orphans, single parental-child, abandoned or from broken family, the age ranges between 5 till 17 years old. Our mission is to save the children from turn down to the streets. Our Aim is to fulfill all essential needs in every child’s life such as shelter, food, education, care, attention and love. Agathians Shelter was founded by Late...

Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Rhema

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Who are we Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Rhema is a foster home which was formerly known as Pusat Rhema. The Home, based in Seremban, takes care and give shelter to orphans and underprivileged children. There are 25 children (aged between two and 17) in the Home. There are three full time staff and three part time staff looking after the Home.  The home has now extended its services to care for single mothers. Our needs We continuously require funds to cover the monthly budget. We depend very much on the generosity of the public. Below are the major monthly expenditure: kindly contact the...

Happiness Centre For The Mentally Disabled Children

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Who are we Happiness centre is a safe haven for the intellectually and physically challenged  children of Melaka. This home was founded by Mr. Roy Collar, in  2000. Children who have no one to love or care for them are the first ones to gain acceptance into this special home. Most of these precious children are either abandoned or come from very poor families. Some of them come from broken or single parent homes. Their families are not able to send them to institutions, workshops or day-care centres, which expect a monthly fee. Observation from’s site visit:...

Home of Peace

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Who are we Pertubuhan Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Home of Peace Kuala Lumpur is a registered welfare home with the Registrar of Societies and the Ministry of Welfare Malaysia.  The Home caters for the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of children from broken homes and underprivileged families. Our objectives The Home was set up with the main objective of providing a stable environment for girls from the squatter areas. Emphasis is placed on education as a means to create a better life for them and to ‘rescue’ their families from their current environment. The Home aims to...

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