Persatuan Membantu Orang-orang Kurang Upaya (Akal) Negeri Kedah

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Who are we The society was officially registered with 11 core members. The number of core members has since increased to more than 50. Our services The society’s main project is the ‘Day Centre for Special Children’. Together the 11 members combined their resources to set up the Day Centre by renting the lower part of a two storey kampung (village) house. (The owner of the house stayed with his family on the upper storey). It was very small, only able to accommodate about 20 people. Two years later, the local government donated a single storey bungalow at the current...

Association of the Network for the Needs of Children with Disability (Perak)

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The Association of the Network for the Needs of Children with Disability (Perak) is an organization based in Perak, Malaysia. It was officially registered by the Registrar of Societies in 1996. The association was formed by parents who have children with disabilities, along with professionals and interested individuals. The main aims of the association are: To create and foster a cooperative networking of the various social agencies involved in meeting the needs of children with disabilities. To promote continuous, effective planning to benefit the children with disabilities and...

Taman Sinar Harapan Tuanku Ampuan Najihah Seremban

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Who are we The institution was set up in 1947 by the then Ministry of Social Welfare. It is situated about 3km from the town of Seremban. In 1978, the institution was designated especially for the care and training of mentally handicapped children. Accordingly it was renamed to its current name from State Home for Children, in honour of its Royal Patron, DYMM Tuanku Ampuan of Negeri Sembilan. Until 1983, the institution provided care for all categories of mentally disabled children with low to average functioning abilities. From 1984, it accepted only children below the age of 14 and who were...

Persatuan Kristian Shuang Fu Untuk Orang-orang Kurang Upaya, Kuala Lumpur

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Who are we Registration Number: (Registrar of societies under the Societies’ Act 1966 When Established: 07/2000 By Whom: Madam Shen Chiu Hsiang Our aims 1. Services – Occupational exploration, emotional counseling, leisure activities 2. Promotions – Social Awareness, Disabled Self-reliant Programmes, Campaign to be Barrier-Free (Building Accessibility Awareness) 3. Advocacy – Enhance and improve the welfare of disabled persons Our Services: Handicraft Training (Physically Disabled) Recycling Training (Mentally & Physically Challenge Disabled; Former Drug...

Society of Families of Persons with Learning Difficulties (PERKOBP)

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Who are we PERKOBP has its origin as an informal support group formed in early 1992 by a group of parents who were concerned with the welfare of their children with learning difficulties. At that time, about 25 families took turns to meet in their homes to discuss the needs of their teenage children who had just completed various training programmes. There were no further services available for them nor could they hold a job because of their learning difficulties. The group got itself registered with the ROS as a society on 20th Nov 1993. Currently, they have about 300 members. Membership is...

Rumah Keluarga Kami

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Who are we Society of St.Vincent de Paul in Kajang set up this home. It is registered with the Social Welfare Department. It serves as a home for underprivileged children. Since its inception, over 100 children have resided in the home. At present there are 39 children at the Home; age four to 18. Our aims The home’s main aim is to provide these underprivileged children with proper nutrition, care, education, a safe place to stay, other basic needs and most of all, love. It is hoped that the efforts of the home will be able to help the children to become useful citizens in society. Our...

Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home (PECH)

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PECH was initiated by Rev. Roberts Pandian, Bro. Christopher, and several dedicated church believers in January 2004, commencing with just two children. Presently, they provide a nurturing, comfortable, and conducive environment to 37 children. The organization diligently works to ensure these children receive a well-rounded upbringing, encompassing a balanced diet, adequate clothing, regular medical check-ups to safeguard their physical health, quality education, and spiritual guidance to instill strong character, thus molding them into responsible and productive citizens. Their commitment...

Gurpuri Foundation: Foster Home For Children

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Who are we Gurpuri Foundation was established on 27 Oct 2000 to provide shelter and care to children who had none. It is now an established, non-profit provider of care services for children in Malaysia. Committed to advocating for disadvantaged children, the foundation identifies areas of greatest need for children and youth, and works in partnership with the community to meet those needs. Gurpuri Foundation was founded as part of a nationwide movement to get orphaned children into a loving and caring environment where they can blossom into responsible adults. Giani Sukhdaiv Singh Ji with...

Rumah Sayangan

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Rumah Sayangan is a home for neglected and/or abused children between the ages of 3 to 10. These children are referred to Rumah Sayangan by the Malaysian Social Welfare Department or the community at large, including relatives1. The home was founded 29 years ago in 1989 with the vision to see children from destitute families live out a meaningful life in a caring home2. Rumah Sayangan is officially registered with the Registrar of Societies as Persatuan Rumah Sayangan in 1997 and also under the Care Center Act 19932. A staff of 5 personnel and volunteers share the responsibilities of the...

Persatuan Anak-Anak Yatim Dan Ibu Tunggal Kampung Medan

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Persatuan Anak-Anak Yatim Dan Ibu Tunggal Kampung Medan, led by Hajah Kamariah Lasim, is a charitable organization based in Taman Sri Medan, Petaling Jaya, with a heartfelt mission. Founded by Hajah Kamariah, who was an orphan herself, the organization provides a home for both orphans and single mothers. Registered with the Perbadanan Kebajikan Masyarakat (PBM), their facility has accommodated over 80 children and 60 single mothers. The organization faces financial challenges, as it primarily relies on Hajah Kamariah’s personal resources. While they do receive sporadic public...

Shelter Home for (Abused) Women and Children, Seremban

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Shelter Home for (Abused) Women and Children is a registered non-governmental, non-profit organization situated in a three-story building, made possible by generous donations from corporate bodies, government entities, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and well-wishers. This home operates with a dedicated group of volunteers, including the chairperson, an advisory board, a committee, and 12 counselors. Additionally, there are four salaried staff members, consisting of a house administrator, two housekeepers, and a part-time gardener. The number of dependents residing in the...

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